May book round up

May 2


It’s the 1st of June so I’m back with my list of books read in May and a mini review on what I thought of all of them.
This was a busy month for me outside of books as I had 2 Brownie residentials which meant I got less reading done than normal.

  1. A Long Shadow – Caroline Kington
    Review to be found here and Q&A for the blog tour here.
  2. Stepsister – Jennifer Donnelly
    This isn’t quite a retelling of Cinderella, it’s more the untold story of one of the ‘ugly’ stepsisters. Once I ignored the historical inaccuracies of women having MUCH more power and say in their lives than they should I really enjoyed it. It’s a different way of telling the story and reminds us that just because one person’s happy ever after is founded on ‘love’, ‘kindness’, and ‘hope’, it doesn’t mean that everyone story has that. We’re all different people and have to learn to be true to ourselves.
  3. The Princess and the Fangirl – Ashley Poston
    This was just a fun and easy read, about how life isn’t always greener on the other side and how important fandoms can be in our lives. Is it the best book in the world? No, but are you going to have fun reading it and fall in love with the characters? Yes
  4. The Lightening Thief – Percy Jackson (Heroes of Olympus 1) – Rick Riordan (Audiobook)
    I’m ashamed to admit that this is the first time I’ve read/listened to this book. It’s been such a huge hit and I’ve always meant to get round to it but for various reasons I haven’t. But it was as good as I thought it was going to be and quite clearly better than the film. I’m definitely planning on reading the second one at some point.
  5. The Weight of our Sky – Hanna Alkaf
    Set in Malaysia 1969 where there was riots on the streets and racial killings, this book follows Melati who has a djinn (suffers with OCD). This book is a harsh read with mass murder in the opening chapters. Melati does her best to fight the djinn inside her and to learn her place in this world while trying to stay safe and find her mother. I would definitely recommend it but PLEASE be aware of the trigger warnings, they exist for a reason!
  6. The Jumble Sale – Lily Rose
    I read this MG book for the blog tour next week. But it’s a great read of fun misfit half and half monster where the MC is a zombie/robot/fairy mix
  7. The Boy Who Lied – Kim Slater
    I found Kim Slater’s books a few years ago and since then I’ve continued to pre-order the new one, I love the way she tells her stories. They’re decidedly ‘issue’ books but told in a way that doesn’t feel patronising to the reader and set around Nottingham and feeling very British in the slang and the language used. This one tells the story of Ed who deals with everything happening to him since his Dad went to prison by making up stories of adventure and interest, he’s not going to the food bank for himself, he’s going to help the neighbour and she asked him because she’s housebound and he’s a good person. However when his brother goes missing and Ed loses his memory no one believes him.
  8. Summer Bird Blue – Akemi Dawn Bowman
    Rumi’s world falls apart when a car crash kills her sister Lea, and she’s shipped to her aunt in Hawaii. It’s a really emotional read but a story of learning how to stand back up again and how to cope when you lose the person you can’t imagine your life without. It hurt so much reading Rumi’s pain and her indecision about her life and what label works for her and what doesn’t. Also being 17 and being asked what you want to do with the rest of your life with college/uni etc is hard and I sympathise with her; when everyone else seems to know what they want to do and what labels work for them, not knowing is the worst.
  9. The Lost Sentinel – Suzanne Rogerson
    I was sent this one for a blog tour, (23rd June) and although at the start it felt like it was going to be obvious it definitely twisted and turned in ways I didn’t expect and flipped a couple of tropes upside down. I haven’t read the second yet but as I’m on the tour for that one on the 30th of June, I’m looking forward to it.
  10. Queenslayer – Sebastian De Castell
    The new book in the Spellslinger series did not disappoint, I love the continued story of Kellen and his squirrel cat business partner. In this one he ends up getting involved in politics and in his own unusual way tries to protect a child queen while trying to find a way to get rid of his shadowblack. It’s such a fun series and a really different look at magic and learning the basics and using them efficiently.
  11. Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer
    I loved these books as a kid, like really REALLY loved them, I used to listen to the audiobook all the time and would constantly be getting them out of the library. Eoin Colfer is going to be at YALC this year and I can’t wait to meet him so it seemed only right that I returned to the world of Artemis and LEPrecon officer Holly Short.
  12. The Boy Who Stole Houses – CG Drews
    I knew this one would break my heart, I knew it and yet I still wasn’t prepared for it. CG Drews has once again given us a world of heartbreak and of love and going to the extreme to protect the people around you.
  13. Clean – Juno Dawson
    I bought this one last year when YA twitter was gushing about it and only just got round to it (as I I finished it 3 days ago). I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a real look at various addictions and how that changes a person but also at how hard it is to fight. This doesn’t glamourise addiction but it is a realistic look at it and how easy it can be to fall into it. In rehab for the posh and the rich, Lexi really struggles at learning how to be clean and to stop being dependent on others and how to stand as her own person.

It was quiet(ish) reading month at only 13 books but I’ve also started ‘Priory of the Orange Tree’. How did you do in May? Do you have any recommendations of what I should read next? Are you interested in reading any of the books that I have?

Let me know!



5 thoughts on “May book round up

  1. You read so many books that I’ve been meaning to read for a whole now! I really want to read The Princess and the Fangirl because I adored Geekerella. I’ve actually read its first chapter and it looks so fun! And I’m currently reading and loving The Weight of Our Sky. I also really want to read Summed Bird Blue because of the ace/aro rep and I’ve heard such good things about it. The Boy Who Steals Houses also looks like it’s a book I’m gonna love & I can’t wait to read it really soon! Great wrap up 💖


    1. YEY, great to hear that there are books on this list that you want to read and I haven’t put you off them.
      Summer bird blue’s ace/aro rep is SO well done and it was almost a mirror image of I how felt when I was that age, I’ve only recently fully come to terms with those labels and accepted them as me.


    1. I’m definitely planning om seeing the film though I am concerned about how wrong they could do it. The trailer looks both great and iffy


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