Top 10 Tuesday – Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This one is a difficult one, I don’t tend to do TBRs apart from ones for reading challenges and I definitely don’t pick books to match the season. So I’ve decided to fudge it a bit, April is the time for OWLs so here are the books I’m planning to read for my OWLs next month.
(Yes I’m aware there are 12 of them and not 10)

Ancient Runes – Heart on the cover/in the title
‘Every Heart a doorway’, by Seanan McGuire

spring - every heart a doorwayThis one is a reread but I haven’t read it for at least 2-3 years. It’s about what happens to the children who find magical lands and then have to leave. It shows the different ways they cope with being thrust back into normality.
It also has great rep, there’s a trans boy who was taken to fairyland and the quote about him has always stuck with me ‘they sent him back when they realised they had accidentally taken a boy in girls clothes’. (That’s not exact but it’s close enough).
I’m really looking forward to rereading this one, I haven’t read the others in the series yet. I kept meaning too and then never got round to it. I imagine I’ll look into them once the OWLs are over.

Arthimancy – Read something outside your normal genre 
‘Such a fun age’, by Kiley Reid

spring - such a fun ageI don’t really know much about this book apart from the fact my sister recommends it. And it’s general fiction… I’m a genre reader so it definitely counts as outside of my normal reads.
I’m looking forward to it just because it should be interesting to read something different, especially as this one is picking up a lot of movement.




Astronomy – Read mostly when it’s dark
‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ by J K Rowling

spring - goblet of fireIf you’ve read my monthly round ups you’ll have seen that I’ve returned to Harry Potter recently alongside the Unspoiled Harry Potter podcasts. Stephen Fry reads to me before I go to sleep and luckily that perfectly fits this prompt. I’m currently on Prisoner of Azkaban but I imagine I’ll finish that well before the OWLS start.
I’m looking forward to this one because who doesn’t love HP?



Care of Magical Creatures – A Beak on the cover
‘Grief is the thing with feathers’, by Max Porter

spring - grief is the thing with feathersThis one I picked by just flicking through my kindle and looking at any cover that had a bird on it. I picked this one up ages ago and had forgotten about it. It’s a fairly short read with the audiobook less than 2 hours so it should be a difficult (topic) but fairly easy (length) read.
I’m looking forward to it purely because it’s been on my kindle for ages.





Charms – White cover
‘Warbreaker’ – Brandon Sanderson

spring - warbreakerI’m currently doing a buddy read of ‘Way of Kings’ the first in the Stormlight epic and we’ve ended up agreeing to do all of Sanderson together over the next year or so. I’ve read most of them before but only once. What I remember about this one is the way I feel in love with the magic system. It’ll be fun to return to this world and taking it at a slightly slower pace and discussing it with friends.
I always look forward to any Sanderson, I’ve recently returned to the epic fantasy genre and been reminded just why I love it so.




Defence against the dark arts – Set at sea/on the coast
‘The girl the sea gave back’, by Adrienne Young

spring - the girl the sea gave backI bought this book around Christmas time and it’s just been sitting on my bookcase staring at me, as many of my books do. This was the first book I thought of when the prompts were released.
I’m looking forward to it as it’s YA fantasy and I’ve seen a lot of good things about it.




Divination – Random number generator
‘A Perfect Spy’, by John le Carré

spring - perfect spyFor this one I decided that the list the random number would pull from would be all on my unread books on audible, so I put them into alphabetical order and used the internet to give me a random number. This is one that I bought ages ago – I think it was when ‘The Night Manager’ was on TV. Carré is considered a modern day classic thriller writer and is one that I keep saying I’ll read more of at some point. It looks like this is that point
I’m looking forward to it because with the world going to shit a classic spy thriller to keep me occupied while I work from home is exactly what I need


Herbology – Beginning with M (mimbulas mimbletona)
‘Meat Market’ – Juno Dawson

spring - meat marketHere I used the ‘age old’ trick of just putting everything on my kindle into alphabetical order and picking one that interested me most right now. I’m trying to make sure the OWLS is varied in length and genre. This one is a gritty YA about the fashion industry and the #metoo movement.
I’m looking forward to reading this one because I enjoyed ‘Clean’ by Juno Dawson, plus the subject matter is interesting.





History of Magic – With witches and wizards
‘Brittle’s Academy’, by Lily Mae Walters

spring - brittles academyAs luck would have it I’ve got a blog tour in mid April for a book called ‘Brittle’s Academy: For the magically unstable’ which perfectly fits this prompt.
I’m looking forward to reading this one because the idea of a school just for magical misfits sounds great.






Muggle Studies – Contemporary
‘Harley in the Sky’, by Akemi Dawn Bowman

spring - harley in the skyHarley Dawn Bowman is an insta buy for me and this one is set in a circus! I can’t wait to read it. This is the only book on my OWLs list that I don’t already own (it’s due out mid April), I’m slightly worried that with the world going to shit and my defective immune system I’m not going to be able to get it but I’ve got plenty of other books I can read for this OWL instead if needed.
I’m looking forward to it because Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books are always emotional and make me think, finding your place and that place being in a circus sounds amazing. Plus I’ve seen a lot of VERY good reviews for this one from people who have been able to get an advance copy


Potions – Under 150
‘Doctor Who: Tip of the tongue’, by Patrick Ness

spring - tip of the tongueIt’s Patrick Ness writing for the 5th Doctor and Nyssa. What more could I want? For the 50th anniversary of the show they released this series of short stories with big name writers each writing one for a different doctor. They were being released one a month and while I kept up for a bit I was also at uni and fell behind so I didn’t get round to this one at the time. I just haven’t prioritised them in the TBR since.
I’m looking forward to this one because it’s a doctor who story written by Patrick Ness. I’m not the biggest fan of the 5th Doctor but it should still be good fun.



Transfiguration – includes a shapeshift

I haven’t picked one for this prompt yet. Please let me know your suggestions


What are you planning on reading over Spring? Have you got any books that are perfect for the weather getting nicer but being stuck inside? Are you doing the OWLs?

As always please let me know, comments mean the world



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