Top 10 Tuesday – The Last Ten Books That Gave Me a Book Hangover

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s list are books that wouldn’t let me go and kept me in their world even when I finished the last page.
This time there is an order to my list, starting with the most recent to the oldest.

  • Again but better – Christine Riccio – Finished 6/2hangover - again but better
    This book sums up my daydreams, what would I do if I got the chance to redo parts of my life, could I do university better? How would I do it differently if I was given the chance?
    It gave me a hangover because it gave me more things to add to my daydream.


  • The God Game – Danny Tobey – Finished 5/2/20
    hangover - the god gameThis was an ARC that my sister managed to get. From the synopsis we both thought it was going to be something like ‘Sword Art Online’, it turned out to be like ‘Nerve’ with dares and challenges. But using technology and virtual reality.
    It gave me a hangover because the ending isn’t really an ending it’s just a place to breathe. Also people and society are bad and incels are the worst.

  • The War Doctor – David Nott – Finished 2/2/20
    hangover - war doctorThis guy is mad and brilliant and oh my god, I wish I was brave enough to do one tenth of what he does. His story highlights the impact modern war has on civilians and the people who have no choice but to be living on the front line and the impact that inevitably has on their lives.
    It gave me a hangover because every single one of his tales is madder than fiction and yet it’s all true.




  • Becoming – Michelle Obama – Finished 29/1/20
    hangover - becomingI went into this autobiography thinking I couldn’t love Michelle Obama more and yet with every chapter that changed and my love for her grew. This book is split into three parts, ‘Becoming Me’, ‘Becoming Us’, and ‘Becoming More’. Each part talks about the different stages of her life and the various challenges she’s faced.
    It gave me a hangover because I loved it so much, I don’t normally read biographys as I can find them a bit dry but this one was anything but.



  • Tales of what the f*ck – D.A. Watson – Finished 25/1/20tales of the wtf cover
    I read this book for review and I can’t stop thinking about just how insane it is and how much I had fun with it. Full review can be found here.
    It gave me a hangover because it is brilliantly mad.






  • The Binding – Bridget Collins – Finished 15/12/19
    hangover - the bindingThis book is adorable, dark, and queer. The premise is the idea of books being removed and bound memories. I was unable to look away from the pages and devoured it. It’s been months and I’m not sure I’ll ever be over this book.
    It gave me a hangover because I can’t stop thinking about what would have to happen for me to want my memories bound and taken away.

  • The Little Prince –Antoine de Saint-Expury – Finished 6/12/19hangover - the little prince
    How can this book not stay with you forever? It’s perfect and philosophical and more perfect. I really really wish that my French was good enough to read the original, it’s lyrical in English but in French it’s supposed to be even more amazing.
    It gave me a hangover because it’s too perfect to ever truly leave you.

  • Murder in the multiverse – R.E. McLean – Finished 25/11/19
    MIU1 cover v2
    I had so much fun with this book and the multiverse theory, physics, philosophy and murder.
    Full review to be found here,

    Gave me a hangover because of the thought of using the multiverse theory to solve crime.

  • My sister the serial killer -Oyinkan Braithwaite – Finished 8/11/19hangover - my sister the serial killer
    I wasn’t sure about this book at first but really enjoyed the audiobook after it had been recommended to me a number of times.
    It gave me a hangover because of the relationship between the sisters and how far they would go for each other.

  • The Boy at the back of the class – Onjali Q. Rauf – Finished 7/11/19
    hangover - the boy at the back of the classThis book is about a new boy at school whose a refugee and the impact that has on a group of friends in trying to reunite him with his family.
    It gave me a hangover because it’s such a good story and reminded me what the heart of the refugee crisis is. People who have had to run away from their homes for fear of death even though the journey is dangerous.





I had lots of fun putting this list together. What books gave you a hangover and has refused to let you go?




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