Top 10 Tuesday – Book Cover Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

It’s the first freebie of the year and for this one I decided to raid my bookshelf for the prettiest covers and the ones that made me instantly interested and made me want to read it.
Because (spoiler alert) people do judge a book by it’s cover, also this list isn’t in any particular order.

Spellslinger – Sebastian De Castell.

The covers for this entire series are amazing. cover - SpellslingerI love the different cards on each cover. It really gives a sense of what these books are about. Magic but also card tricks.

Also shiny, the later covers are shiny.




The Binding – Bridget Collinscover - binding

Look at this cover, it’s so pwetty and shiny.






The Loneliest Girl in the universe – Lauren James

cover - lonliest girl in the universeI love the shiny-ness and the silhouette of the girl in the sky. It really emphasises just how lonely she is and that she’s in space.
(I’m realising just how much I like shiny covers while putting this list together)





I, Cosmo – Carlie Sorosiakcover - I, Cosmo

Look at the cute dog. Look how cute he is! It perfectly shows how cute and fluffy this book is. Also you’re in love with Cosmo before the story has even started.

Who doesn’t want a book with a cute dog on the front?




If We Were Villains – M. L. Rio

cover - if we were villainsWhat you can’t see by just looking at this picture is that it’s embossed and feels pretty when you stroke it. Also there’s a dead bird on the front, which is instantly interesting.






The Glass Woman – Caroline Leacover - glass woman

Again, it’s another shiny cover but what I find interesting about this one is the fact that the cage is shiny but the woman inside it isn’t. Really shows where she is in the world and how people care/don’t care about her.




The Places I’ve Cried in Public – Holly Bourne

cover - places I've cried in publicJust like ‘If we were villains’ this cover is embossed with tears/rain drops. Also the sides of the book are a really nice purple, and I’m a sucker for decorated pages.





A Good Girls Guide to Murder – Holly Jacksoncover - good girls guide to murder

It’s a murder board, which is instantly interesting.





The Girl who Could Move Shit with her Mind – Jackson Ford.

cover - girl who could move shit with her mindLook at the dog in the top right corner. Do you see the expression on that dogs face?! How can that not be instantly interesting







The Girl the Sea Gave Back – Adrienne Youngcover - the girl the sea gave back

Look at her, look at the raging sea around her and the tattoos and the bow/arrow. Why wouldn’t this cover have interested me.




While putting this list together I really tried to vary the list and to not just have fantasy covers and shiny. But I clearly like shiny covers. Also a lot of my pretty covers are still at my parents. But I managed to pull out 15 and then cut down which did mean losing some more fantasy covers.



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