BLOG TOUR: The White and Gold People – Segan Starchild

DISCLAIMER – I was sent a free copy of this book in return for a fair and unbiased review

‘It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in the middle of July and most of the college students were winding down after a year of hard work.’

Laura Golding, a 21-year-old, attractive law student from UCLA. Laura is one of the people (15%) who see the dress in white and gold, while others see it in black and blue. Overnight the ‘goldies’ awaken their third eye giving them powers such as clairvoyance, teleportation, telepathy, remote viewing and superhuman strength, whereas the ‘blueys’ stay the same.

When a video is uploaded of a goldy in America teleporting to Australia in a matter of seconds, tensions rise between the two groups and the blueys view them with contempt and fear. After the president is assassinated an International manhunt is started to capture all white and gold people. They are deemed a threat to the future of humanity and are taken into quarantine units to be tested like lab rats and have their powers weaponised by security agencies.

Laura is identified as one of these people and learns to use her powers to evade capture. She finds other white and gold people who form an alliance to protect themselves from the blueys and government agencies but eventually war erupts between the two groups. The future of humanity will take a big leap into uncertainty as both groups fight for survival but one thing is for certain; the losers will cease to exist and the winners will be inhabitants of the New World.

What I thought

At the heart of this story is a really clever concept, we all remember the dress and how weird it was that roughly 15% of people saw the dress in a different colour (incidentally the reason for this is something to do with the angle the photo was taken out and the way we all perceive the world differently). The idea thay the ‘Goldies’ would become the next stage of evolution and gain super powers is great. The battle lines are clearly drawn, although the dress is the symptoms and not the cause. It’s a great idea and I’m amazed that this is the only book I’ve seen that uses it.

Seemingly there is no limit on the superpowers either, Goldies don’t just have one power they have all of them. If you can think about it, and logically work out how it’s possible then you can do it, it’ll just take practice (or you can have sex with someone who has that power and the no practice or thinking about it is necessary)

Laura, a Goldie, and her best friend and flatmate Angie, a Bluey, accidentally become the face of the Goldie movement when it starts. All the Goldies wake up one day blinded by s bright yellow light, and the pair of them work out it can be fixed by staring at the sun. Of course they then tell everyone via a YouTube video which leads to what they think is their 15 minutes of face as the video spreads and they end up on TV discussing it. As Laura learned more and more about her abilities and Angie was left behind in ‘normality’ I was expecting the two of them to become the faces of the opposing sides as the battle lines were drawn and assassinations were carried out. But Angie continued to support her friend and didn’t let a small thing like superpowers get in the way of their friendship. It was a refreshing change and I’m interested to know if it’s going to continue

Expectedly the government doesn’t react well to 15% of their population, and more importantly to them, their enemies population gain unlimited super powers and they are treated as ‘Other’, losing their rights under the pretence of protecting people.

There is a certain irony in the fact that the government are having a top secret meeting go discuss the threat of the Goldies that Laura is watching in a form of astral projection, just because she can. The government isn’t wrong in saying they COULD pose a threat but surely the response is to use your Goldies to protect rather than declaring war on all of them. Its a radical step but looking at the history of war and humanity it was always going to happen.

The other thing to note is this book has multiple polyamorous character – almost all of the Goldies. When the idea was first brought up I was instantly angry, a guy saying I like all of you so why don’t you just share me” and them agreeing instantly because he’s too attractive to say no to, got my hackles up. However it then happened again a few pages later but with a girl saying she was interested in 2 guys and wanted to be with both of them. It was at this point I realised it wasn’t a guy with a harem it was ‘proper’ polyamory.

There are clear boundaries and discussions about accepting the other boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s all based on constant conversation about what they are all happy with with clear relationship lines. It’s not cheating using polyamory as an excuse and I was glad to see it so well represented in this book

Why I read it

I was sent a free copy for review but I was interested in the idea for the black and blue/white and gold dress being the first sign of the next step of evolution of humanity.

Final thought

I found the pace started off quite slow but it soon picked up. It’s a really clever idea and written well. I’ll definitely be keeping me eyes out for book 2 to see where it goes and how it continues to grow.

Am I glad I read it? Yes

Did I enjoy it? Yeah

Would I read again? Maybe, I’ve got loads of new books to read, if I did read it again it wouldn’t be for a while.

Would I recommend? Yeah, especially to my poly friends to show them decent representation

What colour do you see? And where are you in this new world?

One thought on “BLOG TOUR: The White and Gold People – Segan Starchild

  1. Another book I would never have discovered by myself. The premise, whilst kinda fun, sounds a little gimmick-y, but nice to read that the book itself is good! Review helps put it into context, and it makes an odd sort of sense that, people who see a certain thing, might have something different so why not make this superpowers in a fantasy novel?

    p.s. I weirdly see/saw the dress as both, but mostly white + gold 😀


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