BLOG TOUR: Dawn of the Assassin – Bill Brewer

Tattered boots found unstable footing in the snow as David Deigart trudged two miles to his night shift job at the mini-mart’

Dawn of the Assassin is an action/adventure thriller in which David Diegert, a young man of mixed race from a dysfunctional family, is coerced into becoming a hitman for an immensely wealthy, powerful man.

Thrust into violent situations, he surprises everyone, including himself, with how deadly he can be. After successfully completing trial missions, Diegert is selected for an advanced training program. The fate of the one person he loves, the reputation of his trainer and his own life depend on his ability to prevail in the final challenge of the program, the tournament of assassins.

With fast-paced writing, immersive action scenes, and surprises for Diegert around every corner, Dawn of the Assassin, is sure to keep thriller fans turning the pages.

What I thought

I think the first thing to note is although it is problematic at times and I have questions/issues its a really fun read and did keep my attention while I was reading. It’s a ridiculously fast paced book and your mind can’t stray from the page because otherwise you will miss something.

My main concern with this is just how quickly Deigart becomes an assassin and appears to be just innately good at it… I know the synposis says he surprises hjmmself and others but can we just think about it for a second? He goes into the army with no prior training and does well… good for him (this isn’t where I had to turn off my brain and I would have liked move expanding this plot point). But the ONLY training he has is basic army training, he’s not a Royal Marine or whatever the American equivalent is. He’s a normal soldier who did better than expected and was a good shooter as he has previous experience in shooting as his abusive father and brother go hunting. But that’s it. He gets dishonourable discharged – unfairly – becomes a bouncer and then becomes an assassin after killing 2 gang members in self-defense. It’s one hell of a jump. It just hurt my logical brain a bit

I really enjoyed the various thriller aspects and thought the ‘Hunger Games’ style of training was well done. I just had to consciously not question anything at times and just focus on what was in front of me.

Also the attitude towards women hurt at times, but I think it was supposed to. He’s from middle America with an abusive father and can’t get his head around an alpha male also being gay. Women are things to stare at and have sex with, they haven’t really got any freedom of their own autonomy. Which is physically beaten into him by his female trainer and she uses her body and the thought of sex to get him so close that she was able to knock him unconscious for 5 minutes. He’s very old fashioned and thinks he’ll be able to refuses hits on women because hurting women or children is stepping over the line.

Why I read it

I was offered a free copy in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

I was interested because I don’t read enough thriller and the idea of becoming an assassin intrigued me

Final thought

It’s a fun romp of a thriller, I just had to turn my brain off and not question anything.

Did I enjoy it? Yes

Would I read it again? Probably not

Did I like it? Maybe? I didn’t feel like I HAD to pick but I had fun once I was reading it.

Would I recommend? Yeah, if someone is looking for a fun thriller I might suggest this one


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