Blog Tour: Faeries of Saizia -Tonya L. Chaves

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of the book in return for a fair and unbiased review

‘Avery sat on the edge of his dishevelled bed, wiping the sleep from his tired eyes. He wildly ran his hands through his short, messy, brown hair. He had a big day ahead of him and needed to start getting dressed.’

sazia paperback Cover

Zäria and Avery, two teenage faeries seeking adventure, get more than they bargained for when they start spying on the elves of Eerie Hollow. They discover why the elves are making delectable chocolates in the forest only to be captured by their adversary, Thordon who threatens them into taking on a quest. They run into more trouble while crossing through The Perilous Forest when they meet a witch with her own agenda.
Their only hope is to locate an ancient faerie sanctuary they’ve only heard of in legend. Secrets are revealed about Zäria’s parents, which leaves her conflicted and forced to make some tough choices.
Just when the fae think their troubles are over, the kingdom of Saizia is in danger of being destroyed. Will Zäria and Avery be able to get help on time? How will they defeat the evil Thordon?

What I thought

The central theme of this book is the relationship between Zäria and Avery and I really enjoyed watching it grow as the book does. There’s no doubting their friendship from the very first page and although it felt obvious that they were going to get together (it’s an MG/young YA so the ‘subtle’ signs for the kids are not so subtle) it didn’t feel out of place. From the very beginning they care for eachother and Zäria is making Avery’s favourite foods and is upset when he ditches her for lunch.
They are both good characters but together they’re great and bounce off each other.

One of the things I really enjoyed was how Zäria didn’t need anyone to save her, even when thing were going badly wrong in the fight against Thordon she didn’t need to be rescued by Avery or any of the soldiers. She was able to stand on her own and was a useful part of the fight. It’s a great way to remind girls that they can fight just as well as the boys. There’s nothing wrong with fairytales where the knight saves the princess but we’ve moved on and are now including stories where the girls learn that they are just as good as the boys.

And the dragon! NAAAAWW the dragon was stolen by the elves from the dwarves. And the dwarves really miss their dragon and when they find out what happened to him act like he’s a beloved pet that they are desperate to get back. And he’s fed on chocolate! This feels like my kind of dragon, eating chocolate all day to get more powerful!

My only issue is the pacing felt off. The first half or so is mostly set up and being sent on the mission and then when things happen they don’t get the amount of time they deserve. I wantd to see more of the sanctuary and have more time spent on the relationships in the royal family. When the fight started I kept thinking that I’d missed something and needed to reread multiple bits to make sure I hadn’t. However the pacing is a lot like the pacing of HP and the Philosopher’s Stone, Christmas as Hogwarts is just over halfway through the book and all that’s happened is the setting up and learning about the magical world. There’s a lot of set up and getting to know the various magica creatures in this world. I don’t read much MG so it could be that my ‘issue’ of the pacing is just because I’m not used to it.

Why I read it

I read this one because I was offered a free copy for review for this blog tour. I was interested because it’s an MG/young YA fantasy with women who save themselves.

Final thought

I really enjoyed this MG fantasy novel, it had a fun story although the pacing felt a bit off.

The characters were great and the relationship between them is one of friendship and respect as well as love.

Chades has created her own magical world with many different creatures and how they interact with each other and the various politics between the races and kingdoms

Did I enjoy it? Yes
Am I glad I read it? Yeah
Would I read again? Probably not, it’s too young for me.
Would I recommend? It’s one I would suggest to my older Brownies.

Author Bio

Tonya is from a small town in the Central Valley of California. She studied early childhood education and worked in daycare and preschool for a few years until having children of her own. During a brief time of being a stay at home mom, she picked up the hobby of quilting which she still enjoys today. For the past fourteen years, Tonya has been working in the insurance industry as a licensed agent. While juggling a full-time job, being a wife and mother of three, quilting, and crafting,she somehow managed to write a book; adding author to her collection of titles.
Faeries of Saizia is her first published work.

As always thanks to the author and to Rachel’s Random Resources for organising this blog tour.



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