June round up



I’m two weeks late but here is my catch up of everything I read in June, it was a good month and with the weather finally getting nice, I’ve started spending my lunch reading in the park. It means I get less time to actually read but it also means I’m not in the office, aaaand I walk past a bookshop on my way down.

  1. Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon
    What is there to say about this epic that hasn’t already been said. It’s a beast of a book but utterly brilliant with a slow start as you get to know the various characters. Plus DRAGONS, magic, and an f/f relationship. If you like epic fantasy I would DEFINITELY suggest you pick this one up
  2. Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman (Audiobook)
    The Norse myths told in Gaiman’s brilliant style full of visceral emotions and fights. He doesn’t shy back from showing just how human these old gods really were. Plus the audiobook is read by him which always helps. It was a great way to spend a couple of days at work.
  3. Songs about a girl – Chris Russell
    This was a fun light read that I picked up from the library because I was bored. It’s a well told contemporary coming of age.
  4. Proud – Various (short story collection)
    A collection of stories/poems about Pride and what it means to different people. Almost all of LGBT+ is represented here but I missed not having an asexual story. This took me a while to read as I’m not a big short story collection fan so I read a story a night.
  5. I wish you all the best – Mason Denver
  6. Hot Dog Girl – Jennifer Dugan
    Fake relationship/best friends/ summer holidays and an f/f romance. I am ALL IN
  7. Belinda Blinked – Rocky Flintstone (My Dad Wrote a Porno)
    I was given the infamous Belinda Blinked from my sister for my birthday. It’s a VERY badly written business/erotica book made famous by the hilarious podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’. Well worth a listen!
  8. Attachments
    Reread of favourite book, previous review found here
  9. Space Dragons – Robin Bennett
    Blog tour Q&A found here, review found here
  10. When Dimple met Rishi –Sandhya Menon
    With a female MC who writes code and faith discussions throughout I found this a really good read. Dimple and Rishi are set up by their parents although Dimple knows nothing about it. As much as Dimple likes him she also wants to focus on coding and making apps and doesn’t want to fall for the person that her family want her to marry.
  11. Again but better- Christine Riccio
    COMING OF AGE AT UNI and not getting it right the first time around, or making the most out of the opportunities available. This is just what I need and will definitely reread again this year.
  12. The Passion – Janette Winterson
    This one was recommended to me by my sister to fit the category of ‘deceptive cover’ ‘magical realism’ and ‘Venice’ was how it was sold to me. And that is definitely all there but I was ready to DNF it from the first third really not grabbing me. But it was only short and my sister promised me it was worth continuing. She was right. The first third isn’t great but when you meet Villanelle and go to Venice then it’s great.
  13. Going to the Mountain: Lessons learned from my grandfather, Nelson Mandela – Ndaba Mandela
    For my Chief Guide I had to read a book about a a famous leader, I gave my sister my library card and told her to pick out a few for me to read. Of the options she pick out this one looked like the most interesting, written by Mandela’s grandson who was brought up by him it gives a more personal point of view. A really interesting read and I’m glad I read it.
  14. The Paper and Hearts Society – Lucy Prowie
    Lucy is the one who started #UKYAchat, all of us who regularly take part in this chat were proud when she announced the book and I don’t think any of us were let down. Teen-coming of age with a bookclub! Sharing books you love with people is the best, and I’ll definitely be pre-ordering the 2nd one.
  15. Sword Art Online Progressive 5 – Reki Kawhara
    With SOA Prog 6 due out in July and the second half of floor 6, I wanted to reread SAO Prog 5 in advance. If you’ve watched the show it’s a fun easy read with each book being a floor and going into detail of the quests.
  16. Read, White, and Royal Blue – Casey McQuinston
    SO CUTE AND ADORABLE M/M ROMANCE. The first son of the first female president of the states falls for the prince of England. It’s so cute and I’m recommending it to everyone
  17. The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken
    I picked this one up at random while looking for a dark cover for the Florish and Blotts challenge. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, it’s got urban fantasy and magic and politics. I’m definitely going to get the 2nd and keep an eye out for the film
  18. Storytellers – Bjorn Larsson
    Blog tour review found here
  19. The Good Fairies of New York – Martin Miller
    This was a really weird read, it’s one of Gaiman’s favourites and it’s easy to tell why. However it was great fun once I got my head around it, and one of the main characters has chrons and a colostomy bag.



I’ll try not to be so late next time. How did you month go? Have you read any of the same books as me or are there any that you want to read?



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