Monthly Round Up – January








It’s the first of February which means it’s my first monthly round up of books for 2019. With the full reviews due in about 6 months with the rate I’m currently at I thought I’d write a couple of lines for each book I’ve read/listened to this month


  1. Partners – Michael Dirbuio
    In contrast to what I said just a couple of lines up, this one has already been reviewed as I was sent it for a review.
    Not my favourite of the month and a bit of a slow start but a solid read and good fun.
  2. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
    One of my favourite books – I’ve read it several times since I first read it on a plane going to Thursday Island, Australia. Rowell manages to show the awkwardness of anxiety and uni/college as well as how difficult it can be to ‘grow up’ whilst still holding on to the fandoms that helped shape you.
    I got this one for Christmas for my 15year old cousin and she’s currently loving it. She started reading at the dinner table so that’s got to be a good sign,
  3. The Jungle – Pooja Puri.
    MY HEART! I knew this one would hurt, it’s set in the refugee camp in Calais and the two main characters are 15 and have had to flee their homes. Every page brought an extra pain in my heart, it’s so powerful. But there are also places to smile. In the current climate I think this is an incredibly important read and I’m surprised that the only reason I know about it is because I spoke to the person on the Ink Road publishers table at YALC, YA twitter should be talking about this one a LOT more.
  4. Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton (Audiobook)
    I got this on an audible daily deal a couple of years ago and then stopped listening to audiobooks, but as my sister had just started reading it and was telling me that it starts with *DEFINITELY LIZARDS AND NOT DINOSAURS* I couldn’t help but be interested and decided to listen to the audiobook at work. It definitely made me squeamish/wince in the office as the dinosaurs were attacking and kept me going through quieter days. I was planning on listening to the second one but that only seems to be available in German, so I’ll read it instead.
  5. SuperSeeds – Geoffrey Beavers
    I got this one at a Doctor Who convention as the author is also The Master and he was really passionate about it in his talk. Set in a world where one company has control over all the food produced it’s really creepy but also an interesting twist on the time travel/romance across times troupe.
  6. Royal Wedding – Meg Cabot
    I was excited to see where my favourite Princess of Genovia had gone as I have so much nostalgic love for these books. Didn’t quite live up to my expectations but was still a fun read.
  7. Dry – Neal & Jarred Shusterman
    A different kind of apocalypse where the whole of California is suddenly without water and drastic measures are put in place, mixed with a road trip element. All the characters are great and I loved the ‘Water Zombies’
  8. Adrift – Rob Boffard.
    A Christmas gift from one of my best friends who purposefully picks out books to hit PopSugar Challenge Categories. This was a really intense look at humanity and how easy it is for everything to go wrong.
  9. Anyone Else? – Angela Scott
    I read Anyone? a year or two ago. It’s a fun apocalypse story about a girl and her cat looking for her family when something unknown happens to the world. I was very excited for the second one and definitely wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait to read the third.
  10. Burial Rights – Hannah Kent (Audiobook)
    A reread/first listen to the audiobook of one of my favourite books that I’ve read since starting the PopSugar challenges in 2015. It tells the tale of the last woman who was hanged in Iceland and the family she had to live with while on ‘death row’.
  11. Skyward – Brandon Sanderson
    The first in a new series Sanderson has branched out into sci-fi and not just fantasy and is (as expected) brilliant at it. Gives just enough science and the physics/shape of things to be interesting but not boring with a brilliant cast of characters – each one at a very real risk of death.
  12. Wolf Country – Tunde Farrand
    I put this review up earlier in the week and it’s just been officially published – a really creepy look into a dystopian world with a depressed middle-aged teacher as the main character. Not what I expected but so much more or better than I could have thought
  13. Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas
    This has been on my bookcase for ages and yet for some reason I’ve only just got round to it. I loved the political intrigue, magic, and the assassins fighting against each other to be the ‘King’s Champion’. I bought book 2 today.
  14. They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera
    Ooof – this one hurt. The warnings are in the title and yet those moments where the page is black (ouch). But it’s not about dying, this book is about living and is one I’ll definitely reread.
  15. Lies Sleeping – Ben Aaronavitch
    The most recent in the Rivers of London series, a police produceorial with magic but where the main character realistically moans about all the forms he’ll have to form out. I have SO much love for this series, it’s funny but also really creepy – the previous one had an entire human skin found hanging on a tree



January has been a good month for books and I didn’t start it thinking I’d read quite so much.
How did your January go? Any books that you read last month that stand out?


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