In exciting news I’ve now been writing this blog for a year (and a couple of days) and wanted to write a wrap up piece about how it’s been, what I’ve learnt, and what I’m planning on doing going forward.




What I’ve learnt:

Writing a blog is hard guys! That’s the main thing, I’ve realised just how much harder it is to put my thoughts into the written word. I’ve always been able to discuss books in depth with people but trying to put down what I think as a formatted review is much harder than I thought it would be. Each review takes at least an hour to write, and takes a fair chunk of energy and concentration, most nights I’m too tired to do anything apart from curl up and watch mindless TV or reread favourite fanfics. I don’t have the energy to write anything – which has led to me being MASSIVELY behind (I’m still writing reviews for July…
But I’m determined to keep going – if nothing else I AM going to finish blogs for all of my 2018 books which is what the project originally started as.

Reading/Blog Aims for 2019

  1. Finish reviews for all 2018 books
  2. Complete 3 reading challenges (PopSugar, Read Harder, Harry Potter – Florish & Blotts)
  3. Vary reading a bit more from just YA and Fantasy
  4. Listen to an average of 1 audiobook a week (the fact that I can listen to things at work should make the days go a lot quicker)
  5. Cut down my TBR – read as much from my owned TBR as possible. I’ve got probably nearing 100 books on my bookcases that i haven’t read yet. I can probably fit a large chunk of them into the various challenges and that’s not counting the 600+ on my kindle
  6. New monthly round up at the end of the month with a quick thought/comment on each book
  7. At least one discussion post a month. I’d love to get a few more people commenting but that means I should do more posts to prompt that.


I’m a bit of a stats geek so here is the overall stats for my first year

  • Total number of posts: 89
  • Total number of comments: 79
  • Average number of comments: 0.89
  • Total Likes: 175
  • Average number of likes: 1.97
  • Total number of words: 90,421
  • Average number of words: 1016 (Or 1015.87 put you can’t have .87 of a word)
  • 28% of people read my posts on a Tuesday
  • 18% of people read my posts at 10pm
  • 60 people follow me
  • I’ve been sent 9 free books for fair and unbiased reviews – which is more than I ever thought I would get and have found a couple of favourites in that list.

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has spent the time to read, like, and comment on my ramblings. I really hope that you’ve picked up some books because of it.


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