National Novel Writing Month – how I’m going to cheat

For the past few years every November I’ve plegded to write 50,000 words and I’ve been succesfull. NaNo is a manic time but lots of fun, but this year as October draws to an end I’ve not got a story in me. Nothing more than the vaguest of plans and I’ve fallen behind on this blog.

So instead of writing 50k of stories I’m going off pieste. I’m going to write a blog post every day.

I’m hoping this will get my blog back on track, and will help me push through with fatigue. In an ideal world I’ll write 50k of blog but I’m not holding out for it. October has been a whitewash with my body fighting me but I’m determined to keep going and at least finish ALL books for 2018. At this point I’m still in my July books… so it could be a while to go.

I’ll see you all in 4 days for the first of a manic month with ‘Theatrical’ by Maggie Harcourt


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