Reading Challenge Update – May

Pile of books

As always here is the update on how I’m doing on the two different reading challenges. I’ve done a bit better in May and am about halfway through the PopSugar one. I really need to pick up the Read Harder one and am definitely going to take a list with me to YALC.
Also I know which one I need to do for ‘Assigned book you hated’ but I don’t want to. Because I hated it. Although at least ‘Of Mice & Men’ is only 6 chapters.



  1. A book made into a movie you’ve already seen
  2. True Crime
  3. The next book in a series you’ve started – Shadowblack
  4. A book involving a heist
  5. Nordic Noir
  6. A book based on a real person – My Name is Victoria
  7. Set in a country that fascinates you
  8. Time of day in the title
  9. About a villian/antihero – Phasma
  10. About death/grief – One of us is lying
  11. Female author using a male pseudonym
  12. LGBTQ+ protagonist – Emerald to Emeralds, Dust to Dust
  13. Book that is also a play/musical – George’s Marvellous Medicine
  14. Author with a different ethnicity to you – Born a Crime
  15. About feminism – Things a Bright Girl Can Do
  16. About mental health – State of Grace
  17. A book you borrowed/given as a gift – Etta, Otto, Russel and James
  18. A book by two authors – Freshers
  19. About or involving a sport
  20. Local author – The Ancient Track
  21. Favourite colour in the title
  22. Alliteration in the title – The Exact Opposite of Okay
  23. About time travel – Found
  24. Weather in the title
  25. Set at sea
  26. Animal in the title – Paper Butterflies
  27. Set on a different planet – Loneliest Girl in the Universe
  28. Song lyrics in the title – I was born for this.
  29. Set on or about Halloween
  30. Characters who are twins – Out of the Blue
  31. Mentioned in another book
  32. Celebrity book club
  33. Childhood Classic you’ve never read – Wrinkle in time
  34. Published in 2018 – Goodbye Perfect
  35. Goodreads choice awards winner
  36. Set in the decade you were born – Attachments
  37. Meant to read in 2017 but didn’t get round to – The Good People
  38. Book with an ugly cover – Ready Player One
  39. Book that involves a bookshop or a library – Skylarks
  40. Favourite prompt from previous challenges – Dream of Lights
  41. Bestseller from the year you finished high school
  42. Cyberpunk
  43. Book that was read by a stranger in a public place
  44. Tied to your ancestry
  45. Fruit or veg in the title
  46. An allegory – Children of Blood and Bone
  47. Author with the same first name or last name as you
  48. Microhistory
  49. Problem facing society today – Final 7
  50. Recommended by someone else doing the challenge



  1. Published posthumously
  2. True Crime
  3. Classic Genre fiction – Princess Bride
  4. Comic written and illustrated by the same person
  5. Set in a BRICS country (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S.A) – The truth and lies of Ella Black
  6. About nature – Skylarks
  7. A western
  8. Comic written or illustrated by a person of colour
  9. Children’s classic pre 1980
  10. Colonial or postcolonial literature
  11. Romance by or about a person of colour
  12. Celebrity memoir – Born a Crime
  13. Oprah book club
  14. Social Science
  15. One-sitting: Goodbye, Perfect
  16. First book in a YA series – Found
  17. Sci-fi femal protagonist & female author – Loneliest Girl in the Universe
  18. Comic that isn’t DC, Marvel or Image – Eternity 
  19. Translated genre fiction
  20. Cover you hate – Ready Player One
  21. Mystery by a person of colour or a LGBTQ+ authour
  22. Essay anthology
  23. Female protagonist over 60 – Etta, Otto, Russel and James
  24. Assigned book you hated

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