Reading Challenges

Pile of booksSo as I finish each blog with a note on what categories the books fit in for the two challenges that I’m doing I thought I’d give you a quick over view of the two challenges and how I’m doing.
This’ll go up at the end of the month’s reviews as just an idea of what I’m reading.

I read 8 books in February, I’m hoping to have them all up by mid April at the latest but let’s see what happens.

Please stick with me and if you’re doing the either of these challenges and are have recommendations let me know. Even if you’re not doing the challenge if a category immediately makes you think of a book tell me and I’ll probably pencil it in. I’ve currently got lots of blanks for things planned.



  1. A book made into a movie you’ve already seen
  2. True Crme
  3. The next book in a series you’ve started
  4. A book involving a hiest
  5. Nordic Noir
  6. A book based on a real person
  7. Set in a country that fascinates you
  8. Time of day in the title
  9. About a villian/antihero – Phasma
  10. About death/grief – One of us is lying
  11. Female author using a male pseudonym
  12. LGBTQ+ protagonist – Emerald to Emeralds, Dust to Dust
  13. Book that is also a play/musical
  14. Author with a different ethnicity to you
  15. About feminism
  16. About mental health – State of Grace
  17. A book you borrowed/given as a gift – Etta, Otto, Russel and James
  18. A book by two authors
  19. About or involving a sport
  20. Local author
  21. Favourite colour in the title
  22. Alliteration in the title
  23. About time travel – Found
  24. Weather in the title
  25. Set at sea
  26. Animal in the title
  27. Set on a different planet – Loneliest Girl in the Universe
  28. Song lyrics in the title
  29. Set on or about Halloween
  30. Characters who are twins
  31. Mentioned in another book
  32. Celebrity book club
  33. Childhood Classic you’ve never read
  34. Published in 2018
  35. Goodreads choice awards winner
  36. Set in the decade you were born – Attachments
  37. Meant to read in 2017 but didn’t get round to – The Good People
  38. Book with an ugly cover
  39. Book that involves a bookshop or a library
  40. Favourite prompt from previous challenges
  41. Bestseller from the year you finished high school
  42. Cyberpunk
  43. Book that was read by a stranger in a public place
  44. Tied to your ancestory
  45. Fruit or veg in the title
  46. An allegory
  47. Author with the same first name or last name as you
  48. Microhistory
  49. Problem facing society today – Final 7
  50. Recommended by someone else doing the challenge


Read Harder

  1. Published posthumously
  2. True Crime
  3. Classic Genre fiction
  4. Comic written and illustrated by the same person
  5. Set in a BRICS country (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S.A) – The truth and lies of Ella Black
  6. About nature
  7. A western
  8. Comic written or illustrated by a person of colour
  9. Children’s classic pre 1980
  10. Colonial or postcolonial literature
  11. Romance by or about a person of colour
  12. Celebrity memoir
  13. Oprah book club
  14. Social Science
  15. First book in a YA series – Found
  16. Sci-fi femal protagonist & female author – Loneliest Girl in the Universe
  17. Comic that isn’t DC, Marvel or Image – Eternity (I’m not going to review the comics I read)
  18. Translated genre fiction
  19. Cover you hate
  20. Mystery by a person of colour or a LGBTQ+ authour
  21. Essay anthology
  22. Female protagonist over 60 – Etta, Otto, Russel and James
  23. Assigned book you hated




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