Oz Reimagined: Emerald to Emeralds, Dust to Dust – Seanan McGuire

‘The pillows were cool when I woke up, but they still smelled of Polychrome-fresh ozone and petrichor, sweeter than a thousand flowers’

11.40 - Emeralds to Emeralds Dust to Dust - LQBTQ+ protaganistIn “Emeralds to Emeralds, Dust to Dust,” by Seanan McGuire, Dorothy Gale is grown up, bitter, and still living in Oz. And now she has a murder to solve–assuming Ozma will stop interfering with her life long enough to let her do her job.

What I thought:

This is a short story at a grand total of 28 pages which obviously doesn’t leave much time to set the scene or to give a lavish plot. But then it’s a short story it neither intends to or needs to. Besides it’s in Oz, the scene is already set and we know the characters. It’s about getting to the plot quickly and making you care enough that you forget its short and just enjoy it.
In this short story Dorothy coming over to Oz was just the beginning of people from our world falling into Oz to the point that the emerald city has now become a refugee town for the Crossovers as the munchkins and other original occupants of Oz don’t want them there.
As she was the first, Dorothy is the Crossover Ambassador and as well as the wicked witch of the west, however she is no longer in favour. This means that when Ozma turns up and tells her that a dead body has been found in the emerald city and it is up to her to deal with it, she can’t say no. It’s also worth noting that the refugees all bring specks of dust with them which has become a drug for the Ozites thus becoming another reason for why they are all hated.
As it’s a short story I won’t go into more detail, the character are all recognisable from the books (and the film). Dorothy is now known as Dot and is more bitter woman who swears a lot at Ozma and the situation that she has found herself in. Plus with Ozma making the sun shine her partner can’t visit as she’s part of the rainbow and is therefore banished when there is no hint of rain.

Why I read it:

I bought it because it’s an Oz story written by Seanen McGuire. While unsure of what to read I passed my kindle over to my sister and she picked out something for me from what I had downloaded.
Since reading it I have now bought the entire collection of short stories and am looking forward to seeing what other authors do with this world that we all love

Final thoughts:

It’s a fun short story that knows exactly where it’s going the whole way through even if you’re a couple of paragraphs behind and playing catch up in a quick murder mystery.

Would I recommend: Yes, although I’d suggest getting the full collection of short stories.

Book Challenge

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I’m sure if you read all the short stories they would fit more challenges but those are the only ones that this fits.


As always please do let me know if you’re reading this. Also has this made you want to either watch the film, read the original books, or read the other short stories in this collection. I’ve made a point of watching the film again since I read this.
And at 28 pages (including the introduction) it’s not going to take a lot of time out of your day to enjoy another visit over the rainbow.