*Waves* Hi,

I read a lot of books, in 2017 I totaled 103, but when asked I often struggle to remember many as there are so many and I have a handy spreadsheet and not GoodReads.

So, as part of trying to do more things with time that I suddenly have from getting a new job and not working nights I decided to do something that I’ve been talking about for ages and having a book blog.

The style will almost certainly be unprofessional as I’ll be writing the way I speak and knowing me I’ll go on massive tangents. But I’m hoping it’ll be fun. Plus it gives me a chance to put my thoughts into words rather than just staring at the last page of a book trying to digest it. This could end up with me madly gushing or with me being unsure.

I’m also doing a couple of reading challenges (PopSugar and Read Harder) so I’m going to make a point of what challenge I used it for as well as other ones it fits in.
The aim this year is to use as many books as possible from the TBR pile for these challenges as it has spread off the bookcases and onto the floor around it. Not including books I’ve pre-ordered. Oh and books that I buy cause I’m having a Bad Day and book shopping makes me happy.

Oh, and I’m also really awkward at signing off on these things.
So for now,

Rea Out *quick salute before diving into convenient bushes to hide from sight*

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